17 September 2014

This article is a serial, make sure you've read these articles:
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Creating parameter for filtering
I made data source using SELECT query before, now I'll try to modify the datasource using stored procedure.Starting with creating stored procedure:
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[spRptStudentScore]
    @Year VARCHAR(4)='%',
    @City VARCHAR(50)='%'
       City, Score
FROM Student
WHERE ([Year] = @Year OR @Year = '%')
      City = @City OR @City = '%')

Click Data tab on report file (.rdl)
1. Activate Generic Query Designer
2. Choose Command Type = StoredProcedure
3. Type stored procedure name in textbox area for query.
4. Click refresh button.

Parameter that exist in stored procedure will automatically become report parameter, for checking click run button.

For detail setting of parameter goto Report -> Report Parameters...

Click Preview tab to see the result.

Choose filter parameter then click View Report.

Look similar? Yes because we only modified on backstage (datasource).

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