16 September 2014

This article sustainable, make sure that you have read Part 1.
Click Layout tab. Add report item Textbox for title and  Table for report body.

Input value of textbox with "LAPORAN NILAI SISWA" (means: student score report), by typing directly on the textbox or on property windows.
Change DataSetName table by choosing existing dataset.
By default table add 3 columns and 3rows that consist of  Header, Detail and Footer.
Right click on selection colum to add column to the right or the left, to copy, and to cut (move).  Lest try to add a column to the right.
Fill value of cell on header row with the following values in sequence:
  • No. Siswa (Student No.)
  • Nama Siswa (Student Name)
  • Tahun (Year)
  • Kota (City)
  • Nilai (Score)
Row can be added to above or below. Also can be deleted. Session/row group inserted will be depend on where we select row on insert process. If we block the detail session, the new row will be detail too, otherwise select on header, new row will be header too.

We also can activate/deactivate Table Header, Table Detail, or Table Footer.
E.g below for deactivated Table Footer.
Then we'll set value of details with data from dataset. Choose datafield using Value property on Properties Windows.
Rows and columns can be resized horizontally and vertically.

Click on Preview tab to see the result run.

Next lets tidy up our report.

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