18 September 2014

SSRS: Creating Report Group

This is an example how to create report group using SQL Server Reporting Services. Yet using this report sample.

We'll create grouping by Year. Give active focus to a cell in table object. We'll see buttons on the left side for every rows.
Right click on the button of detail session then choose Insert Group.

A dialog form of Grouping and Sorting Properties will be displayed. Set the group name then fill row of expression with field to be grouped (Year field). Then click OK button.
Group header is added above the detail line and footer group is added under. We'll move the row of label columns to the header of group by cut and paste as image below.
Now we see the left button icon is become icon of group.
Delete the empty header row.
Then insert a row above.
Design of row will suit focused row while inserting, lets make the new inserted row background color to be transparent.
Merge Cell by blocking its row, right click and choose menu Merge Cell.
Fill the merged row value with "Tahun: " & Fields!Year.Value and set property of BorderStyle = None
Click preview tab to see the result.

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