23 September 2014

Assumption, we already have an rdl file. We also have a Report server for SQL Reporting, browsed using Internet Explorer.
Why Internet Explorer? I tried using firefox but the UI doesn't fit.
Server link example: http://localhost/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx

Choose an option of A, B, or C:
A. create a new folder 1st.
B. directly uploading file.
C. choose a folder location (e.g. Test).

I will choose C option, go into Test folder then click Upload File button.

Click browse button to choose .rdl file.

Choose .rdl file then click OK button.
After a file chosen, klik OK to start uploading.
The new report will displayed on list.
Next step is setting datasource. Click Properties tab.
Choose Data Source
Set datasource connection then click Apply. Click View tab to see the result.
Report Country List is displayed.

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