08 October 2014

SSRS: Query to Generate Subscription List

To get subscription list in a report server, we can use query below:
     ReportName = c.[Name],
     IDSchedule = rs.scheduleId,
     ScheduleType = s.EventType,
     [Description] = ss.[Description],
     LastStatus = ss.LastStatus,
     LastRun = s.LastRunTime,
     UserName = u.UserName   
FROM ReportSchedule rs
     JOIN Catalog c ON c.ItemID = rs.ReportID
     JOIN Schedule s ON s.scheduleID = rs.scheduleID
     JOIN Subscriptions ss ON ss.subscriptionid = rs.subscriptionid
     JOIN Users u ON u.userid = ss.ownerid

Using database: ReportServer
Connect using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to Database Server that used as Report Server

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