09 July 2018

I was working with Visual Studio 2005 and Crystal Report and the requirement is to export CR report to pdf file.
Code used is kind of this:

When I use the complete report content it always error like this:
Error in File D:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\reportname{E9820B50-D2FE-48DE-9957-F759CD52BA74}.rpt:
Operation not yet implemented.

I've checked and checked again but the error still appears. Then i found this forum:
Blank report or only hello word report would work fine. But my report is still error.
From that forum too, I found that error could be because of window update that change font which doesn't fit. So we need to revert back.

Font that is needed to re-install could be downloaded here!
We could directly copy the files into C:\Windows\Fonts, but the best practice is to opend font file and click install button.

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