25 May 2015

SSRS: Using List in A Report

Here it is a sample of SQL Server Reporting that using List item.This item can be used to create non table layout such name card and certificate.

In this sample we'll make a name card. Make sure that you're read previous articles about SSRS. Not yet? Please read here.
We will create a name card with this below layout:
Lets add report manually without wizard, then add a list box item.
Set DataSetName property to the dataset that we've made.
Add item and set layout as below, item without red mark is a Textbox item. Set border list to solid to make a boundary line. But the border only bounds the list item, so I add Line2 to line boundary for each  record.

Lets preview.

Name card report is ready to be deployed ^o^

How to make a page only display a record? Here is step by step to create.
Click button on property Grouping.
 Set grouping by its primary key and add page break.

Preview result.

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